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"What Mayo Means to Me!"

What Mayo Means to Me

By Carey Hegarty, age 7, 2nd Class, Murrsk N.S

I used to live in England. I travelled here on a boat when I was only four years old. Denny was 5 and Maely was only 1!

Mum and Dad decided to live in Mayo. We moved into a house near the blue sea. In England, we would have to drive for hours to get to the beach, but here, it was at the bottom of our road. I couldn’t believe it.

The people in Mayo were extremely kind to us. They were neighbourly and warm-hearted and made us feel very welcome.

I love Mayo, especially in summertime when it’s sunny. We go to the beach and have a swim in the sparkling sea water.

The beaches we go to are Bertra and Old Head. They are blue flag beaches which means they’re safe to swim in.

After the beach, we always get ice-cream.

One of the most important things is education. The schools here are very good. My school is Murrisk N.S. We do loads of activities.

That’s what Mayo means to me.

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