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"What Mayo Means to Me!"

By Darragh Canavan, 6th class, age 11, Murrisk N.S

The truly amazing thing about this county is the scenery. It’s like someone threw everything into a blender. The endless stretches of mountains, the tall green forests and the glittering ocean. Sometimes Mayo can be a soaking wet cloudy county, but on the rare days when sunlight manages to break through the grip of the gloomy clouds, you can do just about anything.

You can swim in the sparkling ocean, dive off the piers into the infinite expanse of blue or you can enjoy the warmth on your face as you play games or take out the barbecue for the first time that year.

There are hundreds of activities that you can do. You can join a local sports club, go fishing in Clew Bay, and surf on the nearest beach where the size of the waves can be unpredictable so look out!

You can take part in the festivities such as the St Patricks day parade which takes place all over Ireland. If you don’t feel like joining a sports club there are scout groups, book clubs, writing groups and even groups that learn about the cosmos and beyond.

There are hundreds of book shops, libraries, galleries, cafés and many more. You can play in playgrounds or if you’re an adult there are loads of jobs with an incredible variety to choose from such as mechanic to accountant and even ice cream taster!

What I’ve noticed about this county is that it’s unique. Achill Island, Ireland’s biggest island, is just off Mayo’s coast as is the beautiful Clare Island.

There is also the river Moy which holds an abundance of salmon. I know that I’ve been rambling on about these things as if this is a little book for tourists but these are the things I love about Mayo.

There’s still more to talk about if you can believe it!

Something I haven’t mentioned yet is probably the most famous mountain in Ireland, Croagh Patrick. This mountain is famous all over Ireland for it has famous stories deep in its roots and people coming from all over the county to climb it. I remember standing on top of this famous mountain for my first time and as the clouds parted I saw the tiny village of Murrisk laid out before me and the beaches stretching of into the distance.

This is what Mayo means to me.

I know sometimes the weather’s terrible but for me, it’s home.

by Darragh Canavan Age: 11 6th Class School: Murrisk N.S.

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