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"What Mayo Means to Me!"

By Aaron Groden, age 13, 6th Class, Murrisk N.S

I love Mayo for its beautiful beaches such as Silver strand, Old head and Bertra. It’s nice to go on a walk along these beaches on a good day. Murrisk is a lovely village in Mayo; it has a high and mighty mountain overlooking it named Croagh Patrick. Tourists climb Croagh Patrick during the summer. Murrisk also has an award winning restaurant named The Tavern Bar and Restaurant. It has tasty food and drinks. Murrisk also has a café with all sorts of delicious buns and cakes for when you’ve finished climbing the Reek.

Westport is a town in Mayo which won “The Irish Times best town to live in Ireland” in 2012. Westport is also 200 years old and was designed by a man named William Leeson.

Westport cinema is my favourite place to go when I want to watch a good film and when I want to get a good haircut or go to the dentist. It is also a great place to go hang out with your gang.

Clare Island is an island of the coast of mayo. It is populated by 145 people. Southwest of Clare Island is uninhabited. It was also home to Grainne O Malley. I always like going to Clare Island to hang out with the lads. You can also rent bikes if you feel like cycling around the island and exploring. Clare Island has an awesome beach which is great to go to during the summer and is great for a swim. You can also see Grainne O Malley’s castle sitting on top of a hill.

Westport House is a place I forgot to mention. It is filled with tons of cool activities. It has the big main house which was designed by two famous architects Richard Cassel and James Wyatt in the 18th century. It has a big long zip line which I find great fun and the pirate queen swinging ship which is too scary for me. It also has the birds of prey centre were you can learn about all sorts of magnificent birds such as owls, falcons and eagles. You can even get your picture taken with them.

Aaron Groden

6th Class

Murrisk N.S.

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