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The Year of 2034!

By Aaron Groden

5th Class

The year was 2034. A team of Astronauts were about to make the first ever successful landing on the red planet Mars. Their names are Captain Shaq, Martin, James, Peter and Kevin. They were all in a line gawking at the gigantic, titanium, polished rocket.

They were scared but ready. They all stepped in one by one. They readied the systems and the long awaited countdown started – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – The rocket’s massive engines roared out fire and smoke. Everyone watching this on the flat screen of their telly gasped in amazement as the rocket zoomed into space as fast as light – even faster maybe. Once the rocket reached space Captain Shaq released the massive engines. They gently fell to Earth. The rocket has smaller engines underneath and hovered across space to Mars.

Mars wasn’t too far now. Rockets were so much faster. These kinds of rockets were invented to deploy satellites that would track bases in World War III. Captain Shaq shouted out to everyone that they were going to land very soon but something was wrong. The rocket detected a planet with extreme climate change and an unstable storm high up inside its atmosphere and that didn’t sound like Mars. Captain Shaq told everyone to get to the excape pods. Martin, Peter, James and Kevin all ran to their escape pods. Captian Shaq could have tried to survive the storm with everyone on board the rocket but he wasn’t taking any risks.

Everyone launched their escape pods. They still got a battering from the storm – a really bad one – but they survived. They were out of the storm. All it was now was dust and light wind. When that cleared away everyone who was in an escape pod spotted a plain land, co vered in ash and a volcano near by. Martin’s pod crashed to the planet’s ashy floor. His pod’s door flung open. He stepped out. He had a helmet on so he could breathe. He looked around and there was nothing but ash. He tried to contact the rest of the crew but there was no connection. Martin sighed. He spotted a metal object in the distance. He sprinted towards it. As he got closer he realised it was one of the small engines of the rocket. Martin thought maybe he could salvage it for parts but he had nothing to salvage it with. He then thought about the extreme climate change – would a random tornado appear – who knows?

He then spotted a green forest. Martin knew the Captain crashed somewhere around there. He made his way there. When he got there he was exhausted completely. He stared at the forest when suddenly,his radio started picking up a signal. He followed it. He stumbled across the rocket. Martin looked inside. There was Captain Shaq trying to call for help on his radio. Martin knocked on the rocket. Shaq noticed him and there was relief on his face. But that soon changed. He tried to tell Martin to run but they couldn’t hear each other behind the thick glass of the rocket window. Martin could see Shaq’s facial expression and looked behind him. There was a giant T-rex looking creature drooling acid. It had bushy feathers on its neck and had four big arms with claws.

Martin turned pale as paper. He then ran off to the side. The creature roared and started sprinting towards him. Martin dodged logs, rocks and falling trees. But the creature ran through them all. Martin started crying. He stumbled opon a short cave. He hid in there and hoped he wouldn’t be spotted. The creature stopped by the cave sniffing the air, searching for Martin.

Its acidic drool fell to the floor. Martin looked as it melted in to the ground. Suddenly ……

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