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Learning About Murrisk Beach

Learning about Murrisk Beach

One Wednesday 26th of April an ecologist called Connor Ryan came to our school. He explained about the dangers of the ocean and the ways of transport through the oceans.

We put on our rain gear just in case and walked down to the shore near Murrisk abbey. We had a bucket full of: magnifying glasses, nets and jars. We found loads of different sea creatures like a: Gobi, sand hoppers and crabs. We all got to see them up close for the very first time.

He even taught us that if you pull up the black sand under the normal sand and put it in water that the black sand is poisonous to fish. We also got to see a whale’s vertebra and also got moon charts because the moon controls the tides. My personal favourite part was seeing a sand hopper jump out of one pool of water and into another.

By Darragh Canavan

4th Class

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