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Flags already obtained:

  • 2007 (Litter & Waste)
  • 2009 (Energy)
  • 2011 (Biodiversity)  
  • 2013 (Water)
  • 2015 (Travel)
  • 2017 (Global Citizenship - Litter & Waste)
  • 2021 - Currently working on Global Citizenship - Energy


Murrisk N.S. Green School Code - (Water 2013)

Turn off the tap, you cheeky chap.
Have a shower but not for an hour!
Don't leave the tap dripping, Time is ticking,
Water is life, It has great might.

Don't let it drip, that's a good tip.
Turn off the light, we'll be alright.
Stay cool, please car pool,
Don't waste the water in the sink.
Our world is on the brink.

Water is precious, so don't mess around.
If we all save water, everything will be sound.

Murrisk N.S. Green School Code - (Travel 2015)

While you're walking,
keep on talking.
Wear you high-vis vest,
It'll surely be the best.

Global warming,
is now alarming.
Always use your scooter,
Never be a "polluter".

Fossil fuels will soon run out,
Then we'll have to do without.
Even though we're green,
We have to still keep clean.

Cycle, walk, jog or run,  
Remember, green travel is always healthy and fun.


May 2015 - Green Flag No 6 awarded
Left to Right: Mrs O Reilly (Prin), Eoghan, Joseph, Caitlín & Kate represented the school and Sharon Cameron (Green schools Rep)

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