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For Parents
*  Our school has a Healthy Eating Policy which means that junk food and fizzy drinks are not allowed in school.  we appreciate your co-operation in this regard.
*  School uniforms are available in Elvery's Westport.  Please write your child's name in permanent marker on the labels of their coats, shirts and jumpers.
* Please label all your child's belongings - rulers, pencils, pencil cases, books and copies.
*  Parent Teacher Meetings are held at least once a year, at the end of October.  This allows us to discuss your child's progress to date and create learning strategies for the year ahead.  If you would like to meet a teacher at another stage in the year, please call to the school and make an appointment.  We'd be happy to accommodate you.
*  School Reports are issued at the end of June.
*  A school calendar will be issued at the beginning of the school year, outlining school closures, holidays etc.  Additional dates, eg. First Holy Communion, Tours, Concerts etc are decided on, later in the year.
*  Teachers generally buy textbooks for children at the start of the school year.  You will be issued with a book bill before the end of September which will also include a fee for photocopying, Art Materials, Insurance Etc.
*  Parents are asked to equip their children at the start of the School year with pencils (triangular at infant level) crayons/markets, ruler, eraser and sharpener. 
- 1st - 6th Class - appropriate maths and writing copies.
- Senior Room Classes are also asked to bring 2 x A4 hardback copies, an A4 folder with transparent, A4 punched pockets and a mathematics set.
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